Support for the Site Scan – Limited Edition App

Site Scan – Limited Edition customers can follow the below process when seeking app support.

Any app related questions can be answered by the 3DR support team. The app has a support email address ( listed, as well as a support phone number (510-851-8948), which will be available for customers Mon-Fri 8am-5pm PST.

Customers can easily access this information by tapping on the Global Settings button on the top right hand side of the Site Scan – Esri Edition app:

The Support tab will show the phone number (alongside the available hours of operation) as well as allow customers to Send a Ticket that will be emailed directly to the 3DR support team.

Any ArcGIS®, Drone2Map® or Esri® specific questions should be redirected to the Esri® team and follow the below mentioned process:

  1. Self-help option. The Drone2Map for ArcGIS Frequently Asked Questions document will offer guidance to most questions
  2. If the issue is still unresolved, the Esri Support page for Drone2Map® can offer more answers. Under Apps, Other Apps, Drone2Map for ArcGIS, customers will be able to see if the solution to their issue can be or has been addressed

     3. If more help is needed, the last step is to engage with Drone2Map®’s Tech
     Support team. That support link can be found on the top right corner of the Esri
     Support page. Make sure to choose the right option when engaging with the
     support team